Life Ionizer Reviews - Actors & Musicians

What will your Life Ionizer review and testimonial be?  Discover what makes Life Ionizers the top water ionizer on the market with reviews from athletes, celebrities, doctors, customers and more. With over 20 years of experience in the water ionizer industry, you can count on benefiting from alkaline ionized water for years to come. Call now and become one of our happy reviewers today!  

Mya Testimonial Thumb
Grammy Award Winning Artist


“After my first sip I just knew I had to add it to my routine…”

Anthony Anderson Testimonial Thumb
Professional Actor

Anthony Anderson

“A close friend let me try the water and I knew I needed my own machine…”

Debra Messing Testimonial Thumb
Professional Actress

Debra Messing

“After making the switch to alkaline water, I have the energy I need…”

Grace Potter Testimonial Thumb
Professional Musician

Grace Potter

“”Drinking alkaline water is one of the most important things I do…”

Laz Alonso Testimonial Thumb
Professional Actor

Laz Alonso

“I started drinking the water and felt amazing changes right away…”

Liquid Blue Testimonial Thumb
Renowned Song & Dance Group

Liquid Blue

“We simply can’t afford getting sick or falling behind…”

Julian Pavone Testimonial Thumb
World's Youngest Drummer

Julian Pavone

“Recognized the immediate health benefits of drinking Life water…”

Nick S Testimonial Thumb
Singer / Songwriter

Nick S.

“I count on alkaline ionized water to keep my performance up…”