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Jupiter Vesta GL Enagic© LeveLuk SD 501 Life MXL-9 Water Ionizer Ionways Athena™
Model Image
Plate Quantity 9 Plates 7 Plates 9 XL Matrix GRID Plates 5 Plates
Power 200+ Watts 235 Watts XL Power SMPS Up to 504 Watts 85 Watts
Country of Design/Origin Korea Japan USA/Korea South Korea
Lead Free Certification Yes - WQA Certified Yes - WQA Certified Yes - WQA Certified No (Illegal in Some States)
Power SMPS Transformer Max Yield SMPS Transformer
Filters 2 Internal Filters Single Internal Filter 2 Internal Filters + Customized Pre-Filtration 2 Internal Filters
Plate Material Platinum & Titanium Platinum & Titanium Double Dipped Platinum & Titanium Platinum & Titanium
Plate Design Solid Plates Solid Plate Solid Plates or XL Matrix GRID Solid or GRID Plates
Warranty 7 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty Limited Warranty on Some Parts + Labor Fees
Trial Period 60 Days + 20% Restocking Fees & Shipping Costs 3 Days + 15% Restocking Fee | Up to 30 Days + 20% Restocking Fee 75 Days + 15% Restocking 60 Days + 20% Restocking
pH Levels Good Alkaline & Acidic Levels Good Alkaline & Acidic Levels Highest Alkaline & Acidic Levels Good Alkaline & Acidic Levels
Hard Water Adjustments Periodic Cleaning Required Factory Settings Only 5 Amperage Settings + 8 Source Water Adjustments Factory Settings Only
ORP Ratings Mid-Range ORP Levels Good ORP Ratings Highest ORP Ratings at up to -812 Mid-Range ORP Levels
Installation Counter Top Only Available Diverter Counter Top or Under Counter Available Diverter or Conversion Kit
UV Light System Not Available Not Available Ultraviolet XL Technology - Industrial Sized Not Available
Started in US 2009 2003 1996 2007
Year Model Updated 2007 2004 2023 2007
Price £1,495 £2,590 £2,072 £1,560
Listed in Physicians' Desk Reference No No Yes No
Vitamin C Ceramic Filter Technology No No Yes No
Frequency Technology No No Yes No
Value Ok Value Sold Through MLM - Overpriced Best Value Ok Value

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