Ripoff Report vs LIFE Ionizers, Who Should You Trust?

Ripoff Report vs LIFE Ionizers

Who should you trust? LIFE Ionizers or Ripoff Report? Trust Ripoff Report with a Better Business Bureau score of F, or trust LIFE Ionizers that has earned a BBB rating of A+? LIFE Ionizer actually cares about customer service, the Ripoff Report is just a scam. The answer is easy, trust LIFE Ionizers.

Why does Ripoff Report get a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau? Because the Ripoff Report simply doesn’t care about customer service – they make no attempt to respond to the consumer complaints against them on the BBB. A representative from Ripoff Reports confirmed to the BBB that they will not work with the BBB to resolve consumer complaints against them. So the BBB correctly gives them an F rating as a business. Simply put, an F rating from the BBB means that they do not believe that the Ripoff Report is a safe company to do business with.

Ripoff Report is a scam. We aren’t the only targets, Ripoff Report exists to leverage any possible disgruntled consumer complaint into a profit center for Ripoff Report. Ripoff Report Lie To You – Then Dump The Customer.

The website Ripoff Reports is a scam. We know it, you should too – read our point by point response to Ripoff Report’s allegations against us – Life Ionizers Reviews | Ripoff Report Scam

Trust the company that is trusted by the Better Business Bureau with an A+, EarthTrade and LIFE Ionizers

For over 20 years Life Ionizers and EarthTrade Water has served the health needs of it’s customers with the best, most technologically advanced water ionizers on the market. EarthTrade earns it’s A+ rating, the highest possible rating, with the Better Business Bureau with quality product and quality customer service. EarthTrade is a real, legitimate business with a long track record of quality products and service.

LIFE Ionizers Alkaline Water Machines are the real deal

Take a look at what reputable sites have to say about LIFE Ionizers. The consensus seems to be that Life Ionizers Alkaline Water Machinesare the safest, best built, most powerful water ionizers made. Unlike some other manufactures and re-sellers, LIFE Ionizers Alkaline Water Machines are the real deal.

Find honest reviews of Alkaline Water, EarthTrade Water, and LIFE Water Ionizer reviewsAmazonTrust Pilot, and Reseller Ratings!

Why LIFE Ionizer Customer Robb Nunn PGA Golf Veteran Drinks Alkaline Water

Veteran relies on Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water for increased endurance, sports hydration and peak performance.

Life Ionizers is a registered trademark of EarthTrade Water based in Carlsbad, California 92011

LIFE Ionizer and Earthtrade Water, Inc. is based in Carlsbad, CA 92011, with additional offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. As the foremost manufacturer-distributors of these products, EarthTrade is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. EarthTrade and LIFE Ionizers provides the best service at honest prices.

EarthTrade Water and LIFE Ionizers Stand Behind Their Alkaline Water Machines

LIFE’s new M-7, M-9 and M-11 Next Generation water ionizers are a totally new design – they have nothing in common with the LIFE 7600. The M-Series machines take advantage of the latest advancements in water ionizer technology, and because of the larger MAX Plates and the increased power from the MAX Yield SMPS Power Systems, these machines perform significantly better than LIFE’s previous models. Life Ionizers is the ONLY water ionizer company that introduces a new and improved model each year.

2019 LIFE Water Ionizer Model Lineup

For more detailed information on the full 2019 LIFE Water Ionizer MXL series read the article on our main Life Ionizers website – 2019 Life Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine models and also here Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews. We are glad to answer any of your questions, and provide you with a free, no obligation consultation, at 877 959-7977.

Take back your health with acid fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant power. Call us at 877 959-7977 and find out how easy it is to put healthy ionized alkaline water in your home.

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