iXA Anti-Scale Water Filter System BB20

Protect Your Home and Appliances with the iXA Anti-Scale Water Filter System

Hard water can be a real pain. It causes scale buildup in your appliances, shortening their lifespan and increasing your energy bills. It can also affect the taste and quality of your water.

The iXA Anti-Scale Water Filter System is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This innovative system uses a unique, food-grade ion-exchange resin to prevent hard water minerals from forming scale. This means:

  • Virtually no scale buildup: Enjoy problem-free operation of your water heaters, boilers, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Reduced heavy metals, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide: Get cleaner, healthier water for your entire household.
  • Longer appliance life: Save money on repairs and replacements by protecting your appliances from the damaging effects of hard water.
  • Lower energy bills: Scale buildup reduces heat transfer, leading to higher energy consumption. The iXA Anti-Scale filter helps you save on gas and electricity costs.
  • Delicate removal of pre-formed scale deposits: Even if you already have some scale buildup, the iXA filter can gradually remove it.
  • Long-lasting filter cartridge: Enjoy up to 12 months of filtered water with a single cartridge.

How it Works:

The iXA Anti-Scale filter uses a patented technology to “trap” hard water minerals in the ion-exchange resin, preventing them from forming scale. This ensures your water stays clean and your appliances stay protected.


  • Protect your appliances: Extend the life of your water heaters, boilers, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Save money: Lower energy bills and avoid costly repairs and replacements.
  • Enjoy cleaner, healthier water: Reduce heavy metals, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide for a better overall water experience.


  • Size: 4.5″ x 20″ BB20 (1″ BSP thread)
  • Application: For cold water only, suitable for all larger size homes.
  • Operating temperature: +3°C to +43°C
  • Filter material: Food-grade ion-exchange resin (anion exchange)
  • Water flow: Up to 80 l/min
  • Filter lifespan: 262,000 liters (12 months max)

Invest in the iXA Anti-Scale Water Filter System and enjoy the benefits of clean, scale-free water for your entire home.


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