Reviews of Life Ionizer MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer Reviews: Life MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer Reviews MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Save big on better health. The LIFE Ionizers M5 is LIFE’s entry level unit that performs as well or better than competing mid range water ionizers. Mark S. discovered the life-changing benefits that the M5 delivers first-hand when he bought an M5 two years ago: “I can honestly say that the M5 and “alkaline water” have changed my life. It is the best I have felt in 30 years.”

Shlimer P. originally had a Kangen Water machine but found the M5 (which costs $2,483 less than the Kangen machine) to be superior: “Great Machine, Originally had a Kangen machine at my mums house which is good but find my LIFE Ionizer which i use at my own home to be superior.” You can literally buy two LIFE Ionizers for the price of one Kangen machine and get better quality alkaline water!

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  • ∙ Amazon – 400+ positive reviews averaging just under 5 Stars across our Life Ionizer units: M5, M7, M9, M11 & M13.
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  • ∙ Google – 4.5 / 5 stars as reviewed on Google, almost perfect.
  • ∙ Reseller Ratings – 70+ overwhelmingly positive reviews, giving Life Ionizers nearly a 9/10.
  • ∙ TrustPilot – 9.6 / 10 stars by nearly 200 company reviews, putting Life Ionizers as one of the highest rated.
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Amazon Reviews of Life Ionizer MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Life Water Ionizer MXL-5 – Read Life Ionizer reviews from Amazon:

“I purchased my M5 Life Ionizer 1 year ago. What a difference it has made in my life. There are old water pipes in my house and the water tasted terrible. In the past I used different kind of filters and they did not make much improvement. Now my water comes out clean, taste fresh and I can adjust water PH level. I am a coffee drinker and what a difference the ionizer water makes to my coffee taste. Now I really enjoy the 8 glasses of water that I need to during every day. Great product.”Elizabeth R.

“I purchased my M5 Life Ionizer unit almost 2 year ago at the same time that I started on the “Ideal Protein Diet”. It’s not really a diet but a “lifestyle change” and I can honestly say that the M5 and “alkaline water” have changed my life. It is the best I have felt in 30 years. I have combined the M5 “alkaline water” along with the eating habits and started to do “Core Fit Training” 2-3 times per week.”Mark S.

“This is my 2nd alkaline water machine. After the 1st one broke, I decided to change to Life Ionizers and got the M5. I absolutely love it! The directions were clear and it was easy to install. I’ve had the M5 for about 6 months now and my whole family loves the clean healthy alkaline water!”Byron K.

Google Reviews on the Life Ionizer MXL-5 Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer MXL-5 Reviews – What do customers think?

“”Great Machine, Originally had a Kangen machine at my mums house which is good but find my LIFE Ionizer which i use at my own home to be superior, Great taste (everyone i give bottles of water to comment on how great and clean it tastes especially compared to tap or bottled water) and find the acidic water great for cleaning and my girlfriend uses for beauty purposes.”Shlimer P.

“Life Ionizers exceeded my expectations! Will Allen was great. The Ionizer arrived fast with all hardware included, the filters were even primed with fittings ready for hook up. Manual was straight forward. Installation was a breeze. Ph test kit was also included. Water tastes great. I had a quick question for Will and was able to get right thru. So in conclusion job well done, thumbs up, five stars.”Vtwoled

“I have been very happy with my ionizer and the smooth delicious water it gives me. It makes drinking water a whole new delightful experience.” – Jo Worthan

Life Ionizers Reviews on Facebook of MXL-5

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“My family and I invested in the Life Ionizer M5 Next Generation alkaline water purifier a year ago. It was one the best choices we’ve made in providing cleaner water for our family. Our grandchildren drink more water now and it’s bêtter for them. Our water is cleaner, safer and free of toxins or rust. Coffee tastes better now since using alkaline water.”Marjorie Hampton

“My daughter and I love our Life Ionizer. You feel more hydrated and you know that you are not taking any toxins in (chlorine, and heavy metals). You can use it also as a facial toner as you have different options of alkaline, purified and acidic water.”Eddi S.

“We have been using life ionizers for the last 4 years, and we love drinking water that doesn’t taste like chlorine. An other important reason that we really like our water filter is that we stopped buying plastic bottles from the store, and just like everyones knows that plastic bottles aren’t good for our planet. I highly recommend.”Mattin J.