Alkaline Water Facts Are More Interesting Than the Myths

Most of what you read about alkaline water is flat-out wrong. Learn the alkaline water facts, facts can be proven using basic, high school level chemistry. There’s really no need for fancy theories. LIFE Ionizers knows these facts about Alkaline Water because we’ve done these tests. LIFE knows the chemistry behind alkaline water while other companies rely on unproven theories. When making a health decision, it’s just plain common sense – trust facts over theory – it’s your health.

Did you know these facts about alkaline water?

Hydrogen Bonding: Water molecules may, or may not, cluster together

Many people think that alkaline water hydrates better because it’s “restructured” or “microclustered” – but there is no such thing! Water molecules may bond together, but not for very long. According to the theory of Hydrogen bonding, if water molecules clustered together, they would split up again in just a few picoseconds – trillionths of a second.

The smallest possible water cluster is made up of twowater molecules – not six! – and it’s called a water dimer. Keep in mind that nobody has ever observed a water dimer or any other cluster of water molecules. The claim that alkaline water clusters up into clusters of six is a myth that was first started by Dr. Emoto of Japan.

The largest possible water molecule cluster is called a water buckyball, if it exists, it would be a cluster made up of 280 water molecules!

Surface tension: Why alkaline water is easier for your body to absorb

The actual science behind the reason alkaline water hydrates better is simple: The surface tension of alkaline water made by a water ionizer is lower than the surface tension of plain water.

Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is easier to absorb because the mineral hydroxides in it aren’t as strongly attracted to water molecules. That gives alkaline water lower surface tension.

Alkalinity and pH are not the same thing

When people talk about alkaline water, they often use terms like alkalinity and pH to refer to alkaline water’s higher than neutral pH, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Alkalinity measures alkaline water’s ability to neutralize (or buffer) acids. Alkaline water gets it’s alkalinity from the mineral hydroxides in it. The greater the concentration of mineral hydroxides, the more acid the alkaline water can neutralize.

The term pHrefers to potential hydrogen. It measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water. For health purposes, alkalinity (the ability to neutralize acid) is more important than the water’s pH because alkalinity can vary independently of pH:

  • Alkaline water with a high pH (high concentration of hydrogen) can have weak alkalinity.
  • Alkaline water with a moderate pH can have high alkalinity
Alkaline Water Facts Are More Interesting Than the Myths

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