The water you drink has a huge imact on your health.
Drink the right kind of water and you reduce your chances
of suffering from health problems like high blood pressure and
osteoporosis. Drink the wrong kind of water and your body can be filled
with toxins, become acidic, or be robbed of essential minerals
required for good health. Water that is not good for you may
also contribute to premature aging and illnes.

What’s the wrong kind of water?

Water that is filled with contaminants, toxins, and has a low
pH (acidic) is the wrong kind of water. Tap water and many bottled
waters are the wrong kind of water for those reasons.
What can the wrong kind of water do to you?

  • Toxic – Many tap and bottled waters are rife with
  • Low (acidic) pH – Contributes to low pH which may
    lead to health problems
  • Oxidizing – Positive ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
    promotes free radical tissue damage
  • Hard to absorb – Large water molecule clusters must
    be broken down in the body
  • Lacks minerals – Reverse osmosis, de-ionized,
    and distilled waters rob your body of essential minerals

Is your water KILLING you?


Why your water may be toxic –
Municipal water facilities do not remove all contaminants from
water. Worse yet, may municipalities add chlorine or chloramines
to their water to kill bacteria. Studies of bottled water reveal
that many of them are nothing more than bottled tap water.

Why water pH matters – Your body maintains its blood
supply in a range of 7.35 to 7.45 pH. Acidic water makes your body
deplete its alkaline buffer to maintain pH balance. It does this
by pulling calcium from the bones and elsewhere. Acidic water also
causes your body to absorb toxic minerals like mercury, instead of
healthy minerals like calcium

What Oxidation does to you – Oxidants in the body promote the
formation of free radicals, which are associated with disease and
premature aging

Why ordinary water is hard to absorb – Ordinary water contains
mineral compounds like calcium bicarbonate, which can be hard
for the body to absorb. Water ionizers break up mineral compounds,
which then become mineral hydrates. These restructured minerals are
readily absorbed by the body and contribute to improved hydration

What happens when your water laks minerals – Water is
known as “the universal solvent.” When you drink water that lacks
minerals, it will dissolve them from your body! This
means that the wrong kind of water can actually rob your body of
nutrition, and cause serious health problems.

Why the Right Water is Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water:

Why the Right Water is Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water:

Health Tip:
drinking bottled
water that was left in a car. The heat inside a parked car
causes high levels of BPA to leech from plastic bottles!

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Ionized, alkaline mineral water delivers nutrients to the cells;
it hydrates your body better; it cleanses your system; and contains
natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and gives you more

  • Detoxification –
    Provides gentle, effective daily body cleansing
  • Antioxidants –
    Ionized alkaline water increases antioxidant levels in the body
  • Hydration –
    Alkaline water hydrates you better tha plain water
  • Blood Pressure –
    Can lower blood pressure caused by mineral deficiency
  • Metabolism –
    Raising pH supports a healthy metabolism
  • Bone Health – Alkaline water helps maintain bone density

What the right kind of water can do for you

What the right kind of water can do for you

Detoxification –
Cleanse your body with every glass! Alkaline water has
a higher pH that flushes toxins out through the kidneys
using a process called “ion trapping”. Ions with an
alkaline pH supplied by alkaline water attract and trap
acidic toxins. This helps your body to gently cleanse
itslef with every glass you drink

Age-Fighting Antioxidants –
Drinking alkaline water has been shown to increase
antioxidant levels in the body by an average of 38% and
reduce the levels of damaging free radicals by 43$ according
to the most recent research. Researchers in the most recent
study reported that antioxidant levels of the test subjects
improved significantly in just 4 weeks!

Hydration –
Proper hydration is associated with reduced blood pressure,
improved digestion, proper elimination of wastes, and
optimum athletic performance.

Blood Pressure –
Mineral deficiency is a medically recognized cause of high
blood pressure. Alkaline water has been shown to proide beneficial
amounts of the minerals that help maintain healthy blood pressure
levels like magnesium

Metabolism –
Alkaline water has been shown to raise urine pH to healthful
levels. Research has shown that low urinary pH is associated
with metabolic disorders like obesity, high blood pressure,
high blood sugar, and kidney stones.

Reason #1: Hydration

Reason #1: Hydration

Research shows that drinking alkaline hydrates your
body better than plain water. Many different studies have
demonstrated that maintaining the body in a properly hydrated
state has both health benefits and improves athletic performance.
Benefits that have been attributed to ionized alkaline water
super hydration are:

Fitness Benefits

  • Increased Endurance
  • Faster recovery
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Body Temperature Control

Health Benefits

  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Flush toxins
  • Cleanse colon

Blood pressure reduction –
Dehydration increases your blood’s viscosity making it
thicker, which makes your heart work harder. Proper
hydration helps maintain your blood at a healthy

Flush Toxins – Hydrating the body better provides
more water for it to flush toxins out with.

Cleanse Colon –
Ensuring proper hydration keeps the colon lubricated.
When you are dehydrated, your brain has priority over the
rest of our body for the water in your bloodstream.
the colon is the first organ in your body that your brain
deprives of water, so it dries out when you’re dehydrated.

Increased Endurance –
Studies show that the athletic performance diminishes with as
little as 2% body dehyration. Alkaline water has been shown to hydrated
better than plain water.

Faster Recovery –
Rehydrating with alkaline water has been shown to flush
lactic acid waste from the body faster than plain water
after excercise.

Oxygen Saturation –
Lactic acid waste in the muscles reduces oxygen uptake.
Alkaline water has bee shown to counter lactic acid in the
muscles which improves the muscles’ ability to use oxygen.

Body Temperature Control –
Proper hydration allows the body to sweat enough to release excess
heat when the body is hot. When the body is cold, proper hydration
assures that the blood (which warms the body) has the right
viscosity so it can circulate throughout the body freely.

Reason #2: Detoxification

Reason #2: Detoxification

Alkaline water provides gentle daily cleansing of
the body’s systems in several ways:

Kidneys –
Causes ion-trapping process that draws out acidic toxins

Liver –
Increases levels of two antioxidants in the liver promoting
blood cleaning

Muscles –
Neutralizes and flushes out lactic acid

Intestines –
Promotes good micro flora that
break down toxins

Colon – Proper hydration provides lubrication

Cells – Neutralize store toxins and fatty acids

Kidneys: Ion Trapping Proces –
Alkaline pH bicarbonate ions supplied by alkaline water
combine in the blood with acidic toxins. The resulting
combined molecule is large enough to get trapped by the kidneys
and flushed from your system

Liver –
Alkaline water has been shown to increase the level of a
powerful antioxidant called “Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)”.
The function of antioxidant SOD in your liver is to enhance
the liver’s blood cleansing function.

Muscles –
That burning sensation you feel after a workout is called
lactic acid burn. ALkaline water sports hydration studies
show that lactic acid levels during a workout are lower when
you drink alkaline water. After the workout, alkaline water
helps flush lactic acid from the system faster.

Intestines –
The intestines work best at pH level of 8.3, which is
alkaline. This is because beneficial microorganisms that
break down food flourish at 8.3 pH. When the intestines are
too acidic, harmful bacteria thrive that interfere with digestion.
Undigested food then rots in the intestines and releases toxins.

Colon –
The colon also benefits when beneficial micro flora have an alkaline
environment. Proper hydration helps maintain lubrication in the
colon making it easier for it to expel wastes

Cells –
Acidic waste builds up in the body when it is unable to flush them.
Alkaline water provides bicarbonates which neutralize acidic wastes.
Those wastes are then released through the ion-trapping process.

Reason #3: Balance Body pH

Reason #3: Balance Body pH

Your body is not all one pH. Some parts are naturally
acidic, while others are naturally alkaline. Your blood maintains
a narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45 pH.

Maintaining the proper pH balance in your kidneys has been shown
to be a preventative measure against a severe medical condition known
as “Metabolic Syndrom”

Research shows that raising the pH of your urine by just 1 pH
can prevent or eliminate the symptoms of metabolic syndrome:

  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood Cholesterol
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Kidney Stones

Reason #4 Weight Loss

Reason #4 Weight Loss

The three main benefits alkaline water provides for
weight loss are:

  • Detoxification –
    Counteract fatty acids stored in fat cells
  • Hydration –
    Better workouts let you burn more calories
  • pH balance –
    Prevents the body from storing fatty acids in fat cells

Fatty acids are poisonous to your body, so it stores the acids
that it can’t get rid of in a protective buffer of fat.
Alkaline water can help neutralize these acids and flush them
from the body.

Hydration –
Better hydration improves athletic endurance, and helps the body
maintain its temperature during workouts.

pH balance –
Research published by Harvard University Medical shows that
maintaining the body’s pH balance with alkaline water reduces your
chance of suffering from the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome,
one of which is weight gain.

There are a couple of theories that explain how alkaline water
can help you lose weight:

Nutrition Deficiency –
Alkaline water supplies highly bioavailable nutrients that help
weight loss in nutritionally-deficient people. Nutrition deficiencies
are a consequence of the acidic Western Diet.

Acid / Alkaline theory –
The body stores excess acids that come from diet, pollution and stress
in fat cells. Body fat builds up as a consequence. Alkalinity neutralizes
fatty acids in the body, the body is then able to let go of its
protective layer of fat. Obesity is one of the symptoms of Metabolic

Reason #5: Anti Aging

Reason #5: Anti Aging

Aging in the body is a complex process controlled
by many factors, one of which is oxidation caused by free
radicals. Oxidation occurs when free radicals, also known
as oxidants, attack the molecules that make up healthy tissue
in the body by stripping them of electrons

Antioxidant alkaline water works to prevent
free radicals from attacking your tissues by providing an abundance
of excess electrons in the body. These excess electrons neutralize
the free radicals that cause cellular and DNA damage which leads
to premature aging.

Anti-Aging Tip:
Alkaline water antioxidants can protect you from aging all
day long! Drink alkaline water throughout the day, and you
provide your body a constant supply of fresh antioxidants

Reason #6: Heart Health & Blood Pressure

Reason #6: Heart Health & Blood Pressure

Alkaline ionized water has been shown to reduce
blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels in people with
mineral deficiencies; a health problem that public health
officials estimate is widespread.

One study on alkaline water’s ability to reduce blood
pressure showed that alkaline water supplied beneficial
levels of calcium and magnesium even for people with health
problems that impaire their ability to absorb those minerals

Reason #7: Liver Health

Reason #7: Liver Health

Alkaline water has been shown to reduce oxidative stress
in the body affecting the liver. A recent study showed an
average 43% reduction in T-BARS (Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances
),which are chemicals in the body that cause liver damage.

Alkaline water has also been shown to increase levels of a
critical antioxidant that protects the liver.
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) breaks down bad cholesterol and
hydrogen peroxide in the liver. Higher levels of SOD in the liver
help it cleanse the blood more efficiently.

Reason #8: Bone Health

Reason #8: Bone Health

Research shows a clear link between alkaline water
and bone health. When your body’s pH balance becomes
acidic, your body will adjust it by taking calcium from your
bones. Several studies have shown that drinking alkaline water
can significantly reduce the amount of calcium lost due to body
acidity, and reduces bone loss.

More minerals – Even if the body has a hard time absorbing them

One study in particular looked at groups of people which
included people with digestive problems that cause mineral
deficiencies. The study showed that alkaline water provided
increased mineral absorption even in the presence of clinical
digestive deficiencies

Alkaline water also supplies useful amounts of calcium to
your body. Research shows that calcium is easier to absorb from
water than it is from food based sources.

Two ways alkaline water helps maintain bone density:

  • Helps prevent calcium-leeching acidosis
  • Alkaline water contains beneficial calcium

Better bone health for those most at risk

Research on women over 75 years of age shows
that drinking alkaline water led to significant decreases in two
indicators that doctors use to measure the rate of bone loss.

  • Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) – Controls calcium and
    phosphorus levels
  • Serum C-Telopeptide (CTX) – Used to measure bone turnover

Pharathyroid HOrmone – Measures calcium loss. High levels of PTH
in the blood causes your bones to release calcium into your

Serum C-Telopeptide – Measures the rate of bone turnover.
High levels of CTX means that you are losing bone faster than you
are making it!

Bone Health Tip:
Drink at least six 8 ounce glasses of alkaline water every day,
and get some sun! The sun helps your body produce vitamin D,
which it also needs for good bone health!

Reason #9: Digestive Health

Reason #9: Digestive Health

Alkaline water helps empty out your digestive tract
after a meal, even if you have digestive problems!
Research has shown that alkaline water can help restore
healthy digestive function.

Research suggests that alkaline water may reduce
the symptoms of:

  • Colitis – Reduce pain and bloating
  • Diarrhea – Helps restore normal stools
  • Constipation – Helps improve bowel movements

Alkaline water has an antacid effect which can lead to
fewer upset stomachs, and improve overall digestive health.
Measurement of stomach pH levels after drinking alkaline
water showed that stomach pH increased by 0.5 to 1 pH.
The beneficial antacid effect lasted for a half hour after
the water was drunk

Digestive Health Tip:
For better digestive health, drink a glass of alkaline water
first thing when you get up, and a half hour before meals.
That helps get things moving in your intestines, and
gently stimulates digestive juices.

Reason #10: Sports Performance

Reason #10: Sports Performance

When exercising, you are consuming more oxygen and
metabolizing energy through muscle work. This process
creates free radicals, lactic acid and a mild metabolic
acidosis. Drinking alkaline ionized mineral hydrate water
can help ameliorate all three of these byproducts of exercise

Alkalizing the body is a well-known method of increasing
sports endurance. Studies on the effects of alkaline water on
exercise show that alkaline water provides these benefits:

  • Improved Hydration
  • Greater Endurance
  • Faster Recovery
  • More Energy

Improved Hydration –
Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water.

Greater endurance –
Alkalinity counteracts lactic-acid induced muscle fatigue

Faster Recovery –
Alkaline water helps neutralize
and flush lactic acid from the body after exercise.

More Energy –
The antioxidant effect of alkaline water has been shown to
help muscles use oxygen more efficiently. The improved oxygen
uptake allows muscles to use aerobic metabolism more
efficiently. Athletes who participated in research studies
reported that drinking alkaline water made their workouts feel
less strenuous.

Sports Pro Tip:
Mix alkaline water with your favorite electrolyte
sports beverage for ultimate hydration!