Alkaline Water Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions

Alkaline water facts and myths, often misunderstood by both advocates and critics.

It can be tough to seperate the facts and myths about alkaline water when there are many myths, misconceptions, and outright lies circulating around the internet. Many of these false statements are made by self-proclaimed “experts” seeking to sell you a different product. There may others who want to discredit alkaline water because they are against any alternative approach to health that is not a prescription drug or surgery.

Alkaline water facts and myths come from both sides – there are just as many falsehoods about alkaline water that are promoted by uneducated salespeople trying to sell water ionizers.

In the full article – Alkaline Water Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions – we examine the most common false claims made by both biased critics and misinformed salespeople in much more detail. In the full article each claim listed bellow is followed by the facts you should know before making up your mind about ionized alkaline mineral water.

Alkaline water facts and myths

  1. Misconception: Water ionizers don’t work because pure water can’t be ionized.
  2. Myth: Alkaline water is “micro-clustered” which makes it easier to absorb.
  3. Misconception: The term “ionized water” is meaningless to chemists.
  4. Lie: There are no studies that support medical uses for alkaline water.
  5. Myth: Kangen water (a brand name for alkaline water) can cure diseases
  6. Misconception: Alkaline water is oxygenated water that can supply oxygen to your body
  7. Lie: Alkaline water machines don’t have any effect on water.
  8. Misconception: Acidity in the stomach neutralizes alkaline water.
  9. Lie: Water ionizers do not filter the water they produce.
  10. Fact: Alkaline water tastes better than regular water

What drinking alkaline water can do for you

Alkaline water is becoming very popular for good reasons. People with health challenges are finding that drinking alkaline water makes their health challenges easier to live with. Wouldn’t you prefer actual relief from suffering rather than a pill that merely covers it up? Athletes benefit from drinking alkaline water too: It improves their hydration status, and helps reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles. LIFE Ionizer Pros like Derrick Lee and Shawne Merriman drink alkaline water to get the edge that keeps them on top of their game. It can help keep you on top of your game too, and help you regain control of your health.

Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions About Alkaline Water

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