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Life Ionizers - Meet our Founder

Discover how Life Ionizers became the leading company in alkaline ionized water technology

Life Ionizers

Hi, my name is Rick H. Cabados and in 1996, after being diagnosed with kidney problems, I discovered the health benefits of drinking purified alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer. Upon recovering my health, I made a commitment to provide everyone with the same chance that I had - the chance to regain control of their health. Ever since then I have been providing high quality alkaline water ionizers to health professionals and other people interested in improving  their health and the well being of their loved ones.

After working with water ionizers for a few years, I decided to create the best ionizers on the Planet and I began working with our technicians and engineers on new designs and technologies. After we were satisfied with the outstanding quality of these machines and the healthy water they produced we had our Doctors review them. At this point we presented them to Health Practitioners, Doctors and health conscious people around the World.

We appreciate your interest in our company and our products. The Life Ionizer staff and I are dedicated constantly improving our Life Ionizers™ by introducing new technologies and conducting cutting edge, in-depth research on the benefits of drinking alkaline water. We were excited this year to introduce our new 2018 models that incorporated the latest in Life Ionizer technologies such as Max Plates and Max Power - the heart of the most powerful home water ionization systems ever built. This was the introduction of Life Ionizer MXL water ionizers.  These new MXL models make the most powerful antioxidant alkaline water ever made by a home water ionizer. Plus, we increased the quality of our ionizers; our top-of-the-line models are so good that we back them with lifetime warranties!

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to water purity. LIFE Ionizers is still the only company that analyzes each customer’s source water by reviewing their Federal Water Report.  Based on that information, every customer receives a free custom-configured prefilter system that targets specific contaminants which were found in your water report.

As we expand our line of health-enhancing ionizers and ionizer upgrades, LIFE Ionizers continues to prove why we are still the Industry Leader in Alkaline Water education and Ionizer Innovation. EarthTrade Water, the manufacturer of LIFE Ionizers™, is here to serve you with its International Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. We have offices in Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Our worldwide line of products includes:

  • Life Ionizers

  • HydraCide Water Ionizers

  • Commercial Water Ionizers for bottling plants and agriculture

  • Vending Machines

  • Batch Ionizers

  • Pitcher of Life - alkaline mineral water pitchers

  • Specialized Stainless Steel Bottles to maintain pH and ionization

In Service,

Rick H. Cabados

Chief Executive Visionary